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Let us put the spotlight onto your business while you run it.


AFSPEC provides an online director, where you have full control over your listing. We offer varies features to keep your business going.

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Not only will you have your business listing in our AFSPEC directory, but you will also receive a sub website designed to your brand.


AFSPEC will provide hosting for your sub website. We take care of linking your domain with turbo servers with top security SSL.


We know your business takes up lot of your time. AFSPEC will help maintain your site while you run your business.

About Us

AFSPEC Collective was founded by Ramiro Villalobos and Natalia Planz. Villalobos is a retired JTAC and loves to help the AFSPEC Community by helping with TAP.  Planz is a spouse to a retired JTAC and always had the passion to help and network with others in the AFSPEC Community. Both, Villalobos and Planz had a phone call and came with the idea of helping our AFSPEC Entrepreneurs and giving them the spotlight within our community. Within a week AFSPEC Collective was born!

Why Choose AFSPEC?

Business Coaching

Afspec offers Business coaching to help launch your business. Not only will your business grow, but you will have an understanding what makes your business grow.

Web Design

Your business deserves the best first best impression. We help customize your website to your brand that will target your audience.


We handle copy wireframe, website audits, plugin upgrades, website optimization, touch ups and fixers. You name it we got your back!

Donate to Non-Profit

Partial of your monthly fees will be donated to a non-profit organization of your choice. Helping other organizations that you care about grow.